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notice how Russel T Davies saw his companions as women

and Moffat saw his companions as girls

I think that says a lot

Not to mention that the Doctor named Amy/Clara whereas Rose/Martha/Donna earned their titles.  It’s a subtle distinction because, technically, Amy “earned” her title by being a girl who did wait, but it’s the impact of these monikers that’s troubling.  Rose became the Bad Wolf when she ended the Time War, Martha became the woman who walked the Earth after saving the planet, and Donna was the most important woman in the universe because she saved it.  Both Amelia and Clara have been heroic and saved people, but their titles don’t reflect that.  Their titles reflect who they are to the Doctor—not who they are as individuals.

Very good point! They lose their autonomy when the Doctor becomes the decided factor in their titles, instead of going out and earning them for themselves. 

I’d like to talk about Rose for a second, because when she became the Bad Wolf, she not only destroyed the entire newly risen dalek army, but she scared the doctor. He cowered before her. And even when she lost the connection to the heart of the tardis, she was marked. The werewolf could sense that she was different and powerful, and she threatened alien with the story of her defeat of the dalek emperor and they thought twice before fucking with her. Because of HER, not because she was with the doctor. 

Even the very words “Bad Wolf” sends the Doctor into unbridled terror

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Question: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you

Peter/Sylvester: *mumbling* oh i dont know….

Audience member: “A GRANDDAUGHTER”

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(Happy bday, Colin of the glorious puffy hair)


(Happy bday, Colin of the glorious puffy hair)

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RE: the new outfit x


RE: the new outfit x

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this made me cry

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Everyone is wondering why capaldi’s doctor cant fly the Tardis, seriously did you even watch doctor who? Every doctor after regenerating becomes unstable often including memory loss, Paul McGann’s doctor literally forgot he was a time lord.

The Third Doctor passed out for days, waking up only to violently cuddle his shoes, and then made a wild escape on a wheelchair.



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Okay I’ve seen this critism of her a lot but personally I think that’s EXACTLY why she’d make such a fucking amazing companion. I think one thing that’s been forgotten about Doctor Who in the recent era of witty, “sassy” ladies with guns is that not everyone knows they’re strong. Not everyone has the kind of confidence Clara has (which in my opinion is just because she’s not fleshed out enough to be anything but confident, but that’s another argument for another day).

I’m tired of one-dimensional strong women. I WANT to see a woman who’s first reaction is “Doctor save me”. And THEN, I want her to grow and realize she can save herself, hell even save him. Because that’s what Doctor Who is supposed to be. Discovering the strength in yourself, an ordinary girl. Not impossible, not after waiting. Just a regular, dorky, anxious young woman who finds her own courage. 


Also, let us not forget Donna Noble (*can already hear the jokes*), who was sassy but also lacked self-confidence at the start of her arc. She didn’t see herself as important, as capable of massive change, and she wound up becoming the most important woman in the entire universe.

Because of her travels, she grew to believe in herself.

Then there was also Martha Jones, who spent a good portion of her travels hanging on every word the Doctor said but eventually came to the realization that she was good enough to stand on her own merits—who left because she knew that her continued growth required making her own path.

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