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Art dump part 4

okay story time

so my art teacher assigned us to do a chalk pastel still life of fruits n shit and I was like “no”

so I drew a banana instead.

and my teacher came by like “you need to have more than one fruit in your still life”

so I was like “k”

and so I put that cherry on top of the banana and titled it “Banana Split Without The Ice Cream Because Life Is Full Of Disappointments: By Fall Out Boy" and I turned that shit in.

My art teacher just started laughing out loud in the middle of class

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And all I want this year
Is for you to dedicate your last breath to me
Before you bury yourself alive
Don’t come home for Christmas
You’re the last thing I wanna see underneath the tree
Merry Christmas, I could care less

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I want to make you as lonely as me, 

So you can get, get addicted to this 

So you can get, get addicted to this now 

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Fall Out Boy Albums + Music Videos (2003-2008, 2013)

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Young Volcanoes (Acoustic) | Fall Out Boy

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Why did Fall Out Boy not make this an actual thing?

Pete’s vocals at the beginning are magical. 

the harmonies oh m gy g od

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Fall Out Boy | The (Shipped) Gold Standard

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dang friends this is it!!!!! 

Who the fuck is Fall Out Boy, Anyways?: A Primerish. 

This is an experience. This is an adventure. This isn’t for your fuckin’ Facebook.

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Fall Out Boy | Alone Together

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